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Our Philosophy

Each game that is being played, whether it is a 2nd grade game or a varsity contest between two 6A level rivals, is the most important game that those players, coaches, fans and administrators have on that day! 

Call the Game assigns level-appropriate officials for each contest. Most of the time, you will have officials working the contest that are actually more experienced than the game requires. However, supply and demand dictates the availability of officials and umpires that will be available to work. While involvement in youth sports continues to grow at a rapid pace, as well as the number of facilities in our area, the number of active officials has dropped over the years (see "Game Review" comments under our Services tab for reasons why). 

Call The Game constantly recruits new and experienced officials through out the year. We meet, train, and evaluate on a regular basis, including real-time post game feedback by seasoned evaluators. Additionally, a blog for rules and game situations has been set up on this website to assist in difficult plays and to establish increased consistency throughout the officiating community. Coaches and administrators are welcome to join in the blog discussion and/or meetings.


As a practice, Call the Game works to rotate officials throughout each sport season. We do not put an official at the same game site each week (although we do have clients that request this). It is our philosophy that we move officials from game site to game site.  Our reasoning is we prefer to not have the same official working the same team, week in and week out.


We also believe in fresh legs and attitude. We set limits to the number of contests an official can work in a day to avoid overextending them, which could have a detrimental effect on the contest.


Call the Game works with fellow assigners to ensure communication for all area schools and officials.  This foster consistency in approach to the game, and if there is a problem official, they do not hop from assignor to assignor. 

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